Tuesday, September 24, 2013


ADHD & Geekery.  That's what I'm made of. 


That's my niche.  I think it would be impossible for me to narrow my writings down to one subject.  My ADHD prevents it.  This "condition" has kept me from creating a blog for that reason.

I have become the queen of good intentions and the princess of empty promises.I'm the typical "sanguine", I suppose. Apt to procrastinate whenever the opportunity arises.
I have put off consistently blogging for over a year now.  Today I sit and think, "I am going to blog my little heart out. Oh! The things that I will write!"  

Ok....so I am by no means a professional blogger, but why do I get jealous of people who can rattle off about bad celebrity fashion, thoughts on politics, and the downward spiral of Miley Cyrus? No clue.

It's not exactly that they are famous, or make a lot of money.....I think it's because I know that people check in just about every day to see what they're going to spout off next. Being a "wannabe" writer, I suppose that I feel challenged to compete with that. Unfortunately, I come to the battle completely unarmed.

Why am I telling you all of this? Probably to excuse myself from the pressure of wanting everyone to enjoy every tiny little word that I type here. Does it excuse me? Not one bit. The perfectionist in me will analyze everything typed, wondering if anyone will even show the slightest smile while reading it. Who knows why I torture myself over something that has little or no importance when thinking of the "big picture."

So, one down and many more to go.....

We'll see how this thing unfolds.