about me.

I’m Amber.

Wife of Donny.  Bonus mom to Mattison.

This blog is me.

The Shiny Happy is a documentation of everything I love and everything I live: Photos, weekends, family, music, fun, friendships…and geekery.

I celebrate the small things in life, like the feeling I get from hearing really good live music, a much-needed dance break, good coffee, pajamas, capturing awesome photos, happy people, days when my sports teams win and being in love.

I’m a geeky girl who discovered I love Star Wars and unicorns much more than I do high fashion.

Here are some of my favorite things: 
Wonder Woman.  Writing. Photography. Roadtrips. San Francisco. Cajun food.  A clean house. Being a Texan. Cozy blankets. Finding new music. Back to the Future. Enthusiasm. New magazines. My husband. Things around my wrist.  Mr. T.  Thrift stores. Cameras. Pretending I know how to play the guitar. Coffee. Exploration. Star Wars. Probably you. My birthday. Stickers. Listening to Mattison sing at the top of her voice. Ice cream. Ninjas/Ninja Turtles. Organization. My nieces and nephews. 80's Pop Culture.  My boxer, Jax. Big Red. Being near the water. Muppets. Laughing until I can’t breathe. My iPhone. Making new friends. The Walking Dead.  Sleeping in.  People-watching. Adrenaline. Puppy cuddles. Breaking Bad.  Windows down, music UP! Christmas lights. Rooting on my sports teams (Longhorns, Rangers, Mavericks, Cowboys). Sons of Anarchy.  Making people laugh. Real mail. Labyrinth.  Fishing. Softball and sandpit volleyball.  The Big Bang Theory.  Typography.  The silence you get when you drive under a bridge during the rain. Dancing in the car. Joss Whedon.  The smell of fresh cut grass, hay and sweet feed. Unicorns. Sunshine.

Send me a hello or find me on one of my social media sites. If you’re just browsing, grab a glass of sweet tea, sit back and enjoy the show here at The Shiny Happy.


  1. Ahh! You had me at Wonder Woman, Star Wars and Joss Whedon and many things in between! :) New follower here and geek as well!

  2. Labyrinth, ice cream and cosy blankets FTW. Loving your blog already! Xxx

    1. P.s. Eeep! Just saw my badge in your sidebar! Thank you!!! Xxx

    2. Loving YOUR blog already! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)