Wednesday, November 27, 2013

winner, winner!

You guys!  I received my very first blog award!  The awesome Angel from Diary of an Alien gave me the Liebster Award!

I'm seriously excited about this, folks.  (It doesn't take much.  I'm easy to please.)

Okay. Here are the rules. When you get the award, you have to...
1. Link the person who nominated you.
2. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 10 Liebster questions given by the person who nominated you.

4. Pick 10 bloggers with under 200 followers to be nominated for the award.
* I assume that's under 200 on Bloglovin but I can't be certain. 

5. Come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

6. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blogs. 

Nominees: PLEASE comment on this post with the link to your post.

I recently posted about my confessions with 10 little known facts about me. I guess I will have to dig a little more, or get a little more creative with these.  So, without further delay I present 11 random facts about me.

1. As a kid, I wanted to be a rodeo clown when grew up.  My dad told me that I couldn't be one because I was a girl, so I settled on dreaming to be a professional barrel racer.
2.  I am an unmedicated, well-adjusted ADHD kid.  At least I consider myself to be well-adjusted.    
3. I am a drummer and have been playing for 18 years.  I also play guitar, bass, piano and sing.
4.  I was voted School Clown my junior and senior year of high school.
5.  My brother is a pilot for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.
6.  I absolutely love dogs and would probably adopt every one I saw if it was up to me.
7.  I was headed to the University of Texas to study law....but there was this boy.  Stupid life choices 1, Me 0.  I am, however, a Texas Longhorns super fan.
8.  My wrists are my favorite part of my body.  True story.
9.  When I have an OCD "episode," my forearms tingle and ache.
10.  I have lived in Texas my whole life except for the 5 years I lived in California.
11.  I have 2 businesses.  Radwagon Photography & RowdyRooms (mural painting).

And now, here are Angel's questions for me:

1. What is your very first memory of childhood?  Playing my Mickey Mouse "good-tar" at my Mamaw's house in my Care Bear footie pajamas.

2. Do you have any pets?  Yes.  I have a 4 month old Boxer pup named Jackson ("Jax").

3. Would you rather live in the city, country, or suburbs? And where do you live now?  I have always preferred living in the country.  I currently live in "town."

4. What book do you think I should read?  If you haven't already, read "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies".  Golden.

5. If someone gave you a million dollars BUT said you don't get to keep it for yourself... you have to use it to make positive changes in the world... what would you do with it?  I would definitely use it to fund a legit music program at my alma mater in honor of my music mentor, Jeff Sweet.

6. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?  Sonic!  Cherry Diet Coke.  Orange Vanilla Sprite.  Purple O.  Yaaayy!!

7. What band do you think I should check out?  Knox Hamilton.  Love those guys!

8. What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas....soooo much.

9. What do you want for Christmas?  A house!  I think we've finally found the one!

10. Who would win in a fight... Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny?  I'm putting my odds on the Easter Bunny.  Rabbits are scrappy and pack a pretty mean kick.

Okay. Whew.
I now have to nominate ten people for this award. This is also going to be hard because I have no clue who's already been nominated.  I'll just pick 10 of my fave blogs. 

8 Bit Heart
The Pixel Party

 If you've already gotten it before, I totally won't be mad if you skip it this time around! 

OK. If you do choose to participate, here are your ten questions...
1.  What is the #1 most played song on your iPod?
2.  If you were reincarnated as an animal/drink/ice cream flavor, what would it be?
3.  Who is your celebrity doppelganger?
4.  If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?
5.  If you were to get a tattoo, what (and where) would it be?
6.  What’s one guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up?
7.  If you could have any pet in the world, illegal or not, what would you get?
8.  What is the most exciting thing you have ever done?
9.  If you could change your first name, what would it be?
10. What song(s) do you find yourself humming/singing most often
And with that, we are done!  
Thanks again, Angel!


I know that many people have taken to Facebook to participate in the 30 Days of Thankfulness, but I didn't.  I never have.  I am, however, incredibly thankful...everyday.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I would discuss the things for which I am truly thankful.

1.  The Amazing Mister.

I've never loved anyone more...

Soon I will share the story of the mister with you.  Soon.  Until then, just know that this man is seriously amazing.  I'm thankful for every day that I get to spend by his side.  He is my most favorite thing ever in the history of favorite things.  I could go on and on about how much I love him...but I'll spare you.

2.   Miss Mattison.
Unintentional matchy-matchy.

Thanks to the mister, I am also the "bonus mom" to Miss Mattison Dawn.  This kiddo is awesome.  I'm such a proud mommy & super fan.  You've just got to love a kid that will back you up with the "Oh, oh, ohs" while you're in the car singing Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" at the top of your lungs.  Yes, she's that awesome.

3.  The Parents.

1.  Step-dad, RD    2. Mom    3.  Dad & Laura

I have the blessing of four parents in my life.  All different in their own way, but all amazingly supportive & loving.  I have turned out to be (IMHO) a well-adjusted adult, thanks to them.  I don't know what I would have become had it not been for each of them being a part of my life & loving me.

4.  The Siblings.
My siblings: (clockwise) Chad & Shannon, Cody & Leann, Matt, James & Laci, Shawn & Amanda)
My in-laws:  Ronny & Debbie and Ben & Gina.
Having a slew of brothers and sisters is pretty great.  Especially if you have mine!  You might not, but I count my in-laws as true siblings.  Maybe yours are lame, but mine are awesome.  With that being said, I have 7 brothers (Cody, Chad & Matt and in-laws Shawn, James, Ronny & Ben)  and 6 sisters (Laci & Amanda and in-laws Leann, Shannon, Gina and Debbie)...and I'm thankful for each one of them.    

5.  Being the Awesome Aunt.

The whole crew (l to r): Lucus, Caden, Taytem, Bralyn, Jake, Jazmine, Jonah, Colton, Aaron, Kathryn, Lexy, Gianna, Keith, Hadlee, Kristen, Amanda, Paul, Blake and Tuff.

I absolutely LOVE being an aunt.  I first became an aunt to Aaron at 13.  Now, 20 years later, I am the aunt to 18 (11 nephews & 7 neices).  Aaron, Kathryn, Keith, Kristen, Lexy, Tuff, Jake, Caden, Luke, Colton, Bralyn, Jonah, Tatym, Jazmine, Gianna, Amanda, Paul, & Blake...with one on the way!  AND, I'm a great aunt to little Miss Hadlee!

6.  The Rest of the Gene Pool.

Just a few of my faves:  Granny & Papaw, cousin Angie, Uncle Mike & Carlie, Cousins - Andrew, Nathan, Carleigh & Micah, and Mamaw.

I absolutely love my family.  Every single, crazy one of them.  I'm so thankful that we're such a loving group.  I'm fortunate that I actually look forward to my time with them.  

7.  Super Awesome Friends. 
I've said it before, I'll say it again.  I honestly have some of best friends in the universe.  Of course, I've already filled you all in about that when I wrote about Friendships for Thirty-somethings.  I just couldn't leave them out.  They make my life so much better.
8.  Coffee. 

This may seem silly to you, but you just don't understand.  Coffee makes me a better person.  YOU should be thankful for coffee.  It makes me human in the mornings.  Most people are alive today because I had my coffee.

9.  My handy, dandy iPhone.

Again.  Completely valid.  I've been an iPhone user since the 3G first came out.  I'm invested, people.  If you know me, you know that my iPhone is attached to me. Love me, love my iPhone.

10. Music.

Studio work in Tulsa for Rita Fulmer's album.

My outlet.  I'm thankful that my Mom has encouraged my love for music.  She may have resisted the drums for several years, but thankfully she finally gave in when I was 15.  I love music.

What are you thankful for this year?  Let me know in the comments & most of all, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

five senses friday #8.

Five Senses Friday is were I reflect on the last week through the senses.  Here is my week in review.  Enjoy!


You may get tired of the coffee references.  My apologies, but coffee is the life source to this kid.  It will forever be enjoyed...especially in a geeky mug.  I have a geeky coffee mug obsession.  
Definitely looking forward to all the tasting I will be doing on Thursday!  Wooo!  Bring on the fat pants!


Accomplished after the Color Run.  Excited about a possible trip to Trader Joe's tomorrow.  Anticipation to get home today and see if my very first Loot Crate has arrived yet.  Ugh!  It's killing me, people!

 Also, feeling super awesome driving the mister's new truck!  Rawr!!! 


Super awesome photos from the Color Run website...of yours truly!!!  Apparently, the photographer was my friend.  :) 


Everyone talking about going to see Catching Fire last night, and I didn't go! Waahh!  I will have to convince the mister that we need to brave the crowds!



Kid you not, I can already smell the scents of Thanksgiving.  Yummy food.  The smell of my Granny's house.  The cool, fall air.  Mmmm......

What were some of your experiences this week?  Feel free to play along in the comments, find me online or post your own blog!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

christmas sweater awesomeness.

Ugly Christmas sweaters make me so happy.

I was so excited yesterday to find out that my place of business is having an Ugly Christmas Sweater Day next month!  In a world where I have to be all business-like, I will get to display my geek for all to see on this one day!  

Because said sweater selection is so exciting and highly important, I am asking for your opinions.  Below are my top 6 favorites.  Help me pick the sweater that will rule them all.

Aren't these AWESOME!?  Help me decide which one will grace the halls of my workplace.  Leave me a comment and I'll reveal which one was chosen in my Ugly Christmas Sweater Day post next month...complete with awesome pics!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

color runnin'.

I don't call myself a runner.  I am not a runner.  Does that mean I don't enjoy a good 5K!?  No, it does not!  
I AM an aspiring runner.  One day I will run and not want to die.  See #27 on my 35 Before 35.

This weekend, I took off to Dallas with my mom and two of my friends for some 5K fun!
Of course, who has the energy to run the next day if they don't partake in some amazing Mongolian food the night before? hehe.

I was the Mongolian food veteran.  YUM!

 We got back to the hotel early since we were planning on taking the DART rail to Fair Park...and that meant getting up at 5am!  That's OK though, we were geeked!

Game faces....activated!
Starbucks is always a good way to live.
The DART ride was successful and gave us time to enjoy our coffee from Starbucks.  Oh, how I love Starbucks.
We arrived at the starting line early and had time to roam around and take some pics.  Aaaaaand...I got to meet the Runicorn!!  The Color Run's unicorn mascot.  Life. Made.
White girls CAN jump.  #proof

Life. Made.  I want a unicorn.

Let's do this!
Nothing says super rad like sporting my "Happy" neck tattoo.

This was my second Color Run and it was just as much fun as the first!  We didn't let the whole "5K" aspect stop us from mid-run photo ops...

Me & the mom.  She's awesome.
It seemed like we sailed through this run faster than last time.  Before we knew it, we were at the finish line enjoying the amazing Color Run after party. 

Notice that I was the only one to MAKE her own shirt?  Oh yeah.  I'm SUPER RAD!
My before & after shot.

The posse...before & after.
Of course...

After the after party fun, this was the result.

Post after party photo op. Headed to the DART station to call it a day.

 The next Color Run in Dallas will be April 12th.  Who's gonna join me?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

the soup.

The Soup includes a mixture of all the lovely things that made me *squee* this week! It’s got my favorite geek news, social media posts, and anything other delicious thing that makes me happy. 
So, awaaay we go! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

five senses friday #7.

Five Senses Friday is were I reflect on the last week through the senses.  My week has been pretty calm, for the most part.  It seemed like it took FOREVER for today to finally arrive.  Still, there was plenty of action.  So, here we go!


The mister's AMAZING smothered pork chops and homemade bread.  He's the best! Chips and salsa on date night last night.  That man knows what I like.


Ready to find our new home and get moved in.  Excited about the houses we've seen (and we still have one more tonight).  Cold mornings of 20-30 degree weather while taking Jax outside.

The results of my last Color Run.

Beyond pumped to be headed to my second Color Run in Dallas on Saturday with my mom and a couple of friends.  Anticipation of my very first Loot Crate that will be shipped next week!  I can't wait!!!


A few gorgeous houses that I could be happy living in for the rest of my life. Dog hair.  Everywhere.  The movie "Road House" for the first the request of the mister.  Of course, you can't go wrong with a little Swayze.  Am I right!?



The awesome voice of my friend, Rita Fulmer, as she sang and I played the cajon at her mom's wedding.  She is amazing.  I recently sang backgrounds and played drums on her latest album.  I play/sing with that girl every chance I get.



A nice-smelling man when I came home last night...all dressed for a surprise date night.  Yum!  Mexican food for dinner.  Apple Spice & Delight Febreze to combat the "Jax" smell.

What were some of your experiences this week?  Feel free to play along in the comments, find me online or post your own blog!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

getting to know me: confessions.

Anyone on Facebook has recently seen the posts of "Little Known Facts" about everyone.  I've enjoyed reading them so much, that I've decided to carry it over to my blog.  
Since I'm fairly new around here, I thought that it would be good to let you guys in on some little known facts about me.

1.  My nickname is "Rowdy."  I've had it for years and some people don't even know my real name.

2.  I "punch" people to show affection.  I don't know why.  It's not forceful, just a little "love pat." ;)  I think sarcasm and violence are my friendship love languages.

3.  I was once attacked by a turkey, resulting in a random fear of them for years.


4.  I compulsively eat one thing at a time.  Fries, then the burger.  Sides, then the meat. (see #7)

5.  I have broken my nose twice.  I have an expensive nose.

6.  Our wedding music included an acoustic Metallica instrumental.

7.  I'm OCD.  I love, LOVE buying new cleaning products.  It's my favorite aisle in the grocery store.  Organization makes me happy.  I live to make lists and alphabetize things.  The Container Store gives me goosebumps.

8.  I count all the houses with Christmas lights during the holidays.  No idea why.  (see #7)

9.  I have not seen or read Harry Potter.  I suppose I should get on that...


10.  I love to laugh until I can't breathe.  It's my favorite.

What are some interesting little known facts about you?  Let me know in the comments, or post it in your own blog.