Thursday, January 30, 2014

this year i...

Yeah....I've been slacking.  I've been holding off on some posts until after the launch of The Shiny Happy, but there has been some delay.  Then I just got in a funk of doing other things.  But, I'm back!!!  This post is a little late, but's still January! :)

Kaylah over at The Dainty Squid has an annual post that she has done called, "This Year I..."  Once I read it, I was motivated to create my own post to document the things I've done this year.  Big & small.  So thanks to her, I present my 2013 list.

This year I...

-started off the New Year as a newlywed in a new city with a new job.

-enjoyed the "I Love You Because..." board from my little sis.

 -bought new furniture with the mister.

-loved finding all the mister's random love notes.

-was thrilled to become Matti's "bonus mom."

-recorded an album with my good friend, Rita.

-enjoyed my fair share of coffee.

-rocked at being the super rad family that we are.

-participated in my very first 5K on my 33rd birthday.

-took my mom to her very first Rangers game.

-made sure to get plenty of pool time in at Mom's.
Matti & her friend, Taelor.

-got the most awesome running shoes from the mister.

-went kayaking in Broken Bow.

-took a road trip to Houston with my mom.
Starbucks.  Everyday.

-took Mattison to the Tyler Zoo.

-went bowfishing on the Red River.

-consistently found stuff like this on my phone after leaving it alone for just a second.

-added the cutest 4-legged furbaby to our family -- Jackson Kane "Jax"

- got myself involved with the local Relay For Life committee again as the Promotional Chair.

-participated in my second 5K/second Color Run in Dallas.

- marked my third 5K with the Ho Ho Ho Run in Tyler.

-made new friends in my new city.

-celebrated my first and happiest Christmas with the love of my life.

I hope your 2013 was a happy one...and I wish you and yours an even happier New Year!


  1. Looks like 2013 was wonderful to you!!!

  2. What a nice post! You look so happy in all of your photos :D

    1. Thanks! I am definitely a happy girl! :)

  3. You play drums!?!? That's so RAD!!!
    And Jax is ADORABLE!
    Glad your year was so great!

    1. Yep. Been playing drums for 18 years! :) Thanks!!

  4. OMG your puppy is so cute! First I thought you meant you did all this in 2014 already, and I was thinking, "Wow, no wonder she hasn't been blogging!" Also I am trying to learn to play the drums. Only I don't have a drum. I DO have a drum practice pad, and some sticks!

    1. Thank you! We love his little furry face! :) Drums are awesome! I've been playing for 18 years now....

  5. I love this post. Your 2013 was full of love! :)

    1. Thank you! It definitely was...I'm a happy girl. :)