Monday, December 30, 2013

merry christmas, ya filthy animal.

Hello, everyone! 

I hope you all had a super rad time with your families over the Christmas holidays.  My time was just wonderful.  I'm pretty fond of my fam.

The mister and I....looking all happy and stuff.
 We started by celebrating at home together with Miss Matti.  She loved all of her gifts, but really loved her Ho Ho from littlebitfunky.  She's already named it "Brownie."  If you haven't seen them, you should definitely check them out.
Matti loved her HoHo from littlebitfunky!  Check them out...they're awesome!

Jax enjoying his Christmas bone.
 Christmas Eve kicked off at my uncle Mike's with our annual breakfast.  I'm not sure why, but this is my favorite family tradition.  The mister even wore his black Santa hat.  (I sometimes refer to him as Johnny Cash for his monochromatic fashion choices).  Because of this hat, we lovingly dubbed him as "Bad Santa."
Granny with Bad Santa.
 After breakfast, we stayed to shoot guns with my uncle and cousins.  Highlight of the day.  So much fun...even if I was the only girl.
Bad Santa doing some work with my Glock.

Bang. Bang.
 Afterwards, we headed to my mom's house for a much needed nap.  Breakfast & guns will take it out of ya!  That evening, we all met up again at Granny's for our Christmas festivies.

My mom, stepdad & 4-legged baby sister - Izzy.
 The mister and spent the night at Mom's that night.  It felt so warm and cozy to be back home with the light from the Christmas tree glowing through the living room.  There's really no place like home. 

I will always love this view -- Christmas at Mom's.
 We woke up Christmas morning to happy times, good breakfast and lots of presents.  

Merry Christmas to the mister. :)

My neice, Lexy, KNOWS how to make some hot cocoa.

I love this shot of Bad Santa.
 I said all of this to say -- this was one amazing Christmas.  I so enjoyed my time with my family and really enjoyed my time off from work with the mister.  I'm one happy girl!

 So, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Henry fam.  Hope your holidays were grand and that you ring in the New Year with awesomeness!



  1. Ok, not to sound creepy BUT, that pic of Bad that in front of a church?
    If so, may I ask which one? It looks A LOT like the one my friend got married in, and I was in the wedding party (mind you, this was the only time I had ever been to not sure lol).
    Looked like your Christmas was fun!
    And the Jax is soooo cute! Boxer pups = too much **squee**

    1. Yes, it's an LDS church in Bonham, Texas. If you've actually been there, I'll faint. No one just "visits" Fannin County. haha.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Such a bummer that Christmas is over... there is nothing better than getting to spend time relaxing and having fun with family members... although I know there are some that would disagree with that!

    1. Ugh. I totally agree. I hate not having my Christmas tree up.