Friday, March 14, 2014

8-bits of awesome.

Each week I talk about 8 things that I find to be awesome.  Whether it be geek news, things to be added to my ever-growing wishlist, funny pics or some rad new'll find it weekly here at The Shiny Happy in my

And here we go:

  • Can you truly pass up seeing The Boss cover Lorde!?  No.  No, you can't.  Springsteen's cover of "Royals" is pretty sweet.
  • Ever wonder which superhero you resembled the most?  For me, yes...everyday.  I thought I was Wonder Woman.  Apparently, I'm Captain America.  I can live with that.  Which Superhero Are You?
  • My friend introduced me to MOG this weekend.  Anyone else using this?  I might be hooked.  Especially since I haven't gotten on the Spotify wagon yet.  Which is better?
  • I seriously died laughing when I saw this.  This is so me...sorry.  Pin for the win!
  • I have been obsessing over this watch for too long.  Ugh.  It must be mine...soon!  I just have to win a little from the lottery first...
  • I have big plans to go to  my very first Dallas Comic Con in May.  I can't stop thinking about it.  Anyone else going to be there?
  • I have a new love in the form of an Etsy shop.  Everyone should check out House of Darkly.  So many wants!!!  Especially the 8-bit Geek necklace!!
  • It's Pi Day!  Pi Day!  3.14 Pi Day!
Alright! And that's a wrap on this week's 8-bits! What things are bringing the awesome to your life this week? Let me know by sharing your links in the comments. I can always use more awesome.


  1. I really, really, REALLY, want to go to Dallas Comic Con. My sister lives there and I visit often. I'll let you know if I get tickets :)

    1. Soph! Yes!! Let me know...that would be awesome!

  2. I got Spiderman! And thanks for telling me about MOG... I am going to download it to my phone tonight!

    1. Nice! Let me know how you like it. It's pretty sweet....

  3. WOW! The Boss took that song to the next level!!!! Love it!!!