Friday, March 21, 2014

my week in photos. // 1

Hi!  Remember me?

I'm that girl from this blog who got a new job and has been SUPER busy.  This in turn has caused me to neglect my blog this month.  I am currently working to get a new schedule down. Promise.
Because of the aforementioned busyness, I am presenting you with my week in photos in what I believe will become a normal thing around here. 

Well, I am currently waiting for my new glasses to come in.  I figured that a selfie with my old trusties would be fitting.  They've been good to me, but they are so scratched up now that it's surprising that they are even helping my vision at all at this point. 

 Miss Mattison insisted on practically every toy and stuffed animal she owns to be in her bed for a super awesome slumber party last weekend. By the way, everyone of them has a name.  Every. One.  
The move to my new office was grand.  I'm getting everything all set up.  Of course, no desk of mine is complete without Wonder Woman.  

Of course, my other Funko POP! friends are slowly joining the party.  The Force is very strong in this office.

I absolutely LOVE riding around with the mister is his big ol' truck.  I don't even know what we were doing...or where we were going here.  Isn't that sad?  
I'm getting old.

Well folks, I'm off to enjoy my weekend!  I'll be doing the music thang in Denison this weekend. Anyone else have big plans? 



  1. My favorite is the picture of Mattison and all her stuffies! When I was a kid I had tons of stuffed animals, and I named them all too, and tried to put as many as I could in bed with me. In fact, I still have a few in my bed, to this day!

  2. With Wonder Woman and Darth Vader + company, your desk will no doubt look awesome! :D