Wednesday, April 2, 2014

the birthday is coming.

That's right, folks.  I'm about to be another year older.  I'll be 34....and April 6th is the big day.
Personally, I celebrate all month.  I've done it for years now.  All of April are belong to me.  I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing this year to celebrate.  
I'm a fan of birthday parties. What can I say?  I like attention.  My 30th birthday was an 80's Bash since I was born in 1980.  

My 32nd birthday was my first birthday back in a Texas Rangers theme was appropriate.  PLUS, I'm a super fan.   I love me some Rangers! 

Number 33 was spent at my very first 5K -- The Color Run.  Seriously, best birthday ever!  We had so much fun!

Now we're here to the big 34.  What to do?  While I've been thinking of activities...we can't neglect the thought of the infamous wishlist.  You know I have one.  Everyone does.
Here's what has made the birthday wishlist so far:

  1. Batman Funko POP! Vinyl
  2. iMac Desktop Computer
  3. Star Wars Saga DVD set
Any celebration suggestions?  Let me know in the comments.  Any and all birthday cards will be accepted with leaps and squees. :)
Later, folks.


  1. Cool wish list, and happy birthday in advance! You sure know how to celebrate! I haven't celebrated my birthday in years... after I turned 12, birthday parties were over in my family. The most I get is an honorable mention at my 10-year-old cousin's birthday party (his birthday is ten days after mine!)

  2. Happy early birthday! If your looking for a fun idea, you could stel what we did for my partners 30th :) we had a "german sparkle party" (its a you tube clip that went viral this time last year, if you haven't seen it) It was great fun, because everyone came in the most shiny inappropriate clothing they could find. My dad wore a pink wig, shorts and fishnets, my brother a blonde wig a tank top and a G-string and my boyfriend a glittering disco top, hot pants, a sailors hat and gumboots. Its a simple theme that most can work something out for quite easily :)

  3. Happy Birthday in advance! hope you get everything you're wishing for...especially that Star Wars saga set (does it include the original theatrical releases--see not tampered with by Lucas--of episodes IV-VI?).