Friday, July 4, 2014

my summer bucket list.

Happy Independence Day, folks!

Nothing feels more summer-y than the 4th of July.  So, to ring in the summer, I'm making my Summer Bucket List. 
Everyone's doing it.  Why not me? 
I already have my 35 before 35 that I'm currently working on, but I need a "to-do" list this summer. I've actually already started it. 
And here we go...
  1. Have a water fight.  (Because it's ok to act like you're still a kid...)
  2. Get a tan. least some color.  My white self tends to deflect sunshine.
  3. Go to a baseball game.  It's been too long.
  4. Make a new friend.  I can never have enough.
  5. Go to the lake.
  6. Hit the gym & get fit!
  7. Watch fireworks.
  8. Catch fireflies.
  9. Go to a carnival.
  10. Take a road trip.
  11. Host a bonfire.
  12. Go fishing.  I miss it too much.
  13. Go to a concert.

What's on YOUR summer "to-do" list?  I might need more ideas if I get busy on this and run out of things. :)

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