Monday, July 7, 2014

my summer roadtrip-a-palooza.

If you follow me on Instagram, then your feed was probably filled with my face while I was gone on my roadtrip-a-palooza. 


I took a bit of a trip along with my mom and my niece, Lexy.  This was all in honor of Lexy turning Sweet 16 next month.  When given the option of what trip she wanted to take, she chose a road trip full of seafood.  Aside from those specifics, I was given full liberty to plan away.

*evil grin*

I planned a trip to Tybee Island, Georgia...with like a gazillion stops there and back.  Hello, kitschy roadside attractions!

The vacation started with Mom & Lexy driving the hour and half it takes for them to get to my house.  The mister and I took them out to dinner that night and we planned to leave out early the next morning.  At 8pm, the food poisoning decided to rear its ugly head. 

Fish tacos, anyone?

Ugh.  It was rough...but luckily just for a good 5 or 6 hours.  After I had gone 2 hours straight without hurling, I decided I would be good to go as long as I stayed hydrated. 

And off we went. I even drove the first 5 hours or so.  Just call me "Trooper."

Yep.  That's me after 5-6 hours of nasty food poisoning...and possibly 2 total hours of sleep.

First stop was the Frostop in Baton Rouge, LA.
 The first official stop was in Baton Rouge, LA at the Frostop.  From what I could tell, the root beer was really good.  I was a little afraid to you can understand. Can't say the place looked like what was advertised online though.  Haha.

Lexy enjoyed her root beer float despite her fear to enter the establishment. ;)

Oak Valley Plantation in Gramercy, LA

Abita Mystery House in Abita Springs, LA
 After driving through plantation country and admiring all the gorgeous trees (we saw the plantation where "Interview With A Vampire" was filmed), we hit our next stop in Abita Springs, LA.  The Abita Mystery House is a roadside attraction maintained by inventor/artist John Preble.  Housed in a vintage service station, the place is folksy, artsy and home to thousands of found objects and homemade inventions. 

I was excited.  They weren't so sure.

Just a huge lobster hovering over my head...
She was quite the looker....

Outside the House of Shards.

Yeah....we caught that.

Just another day in the shire...
Of course, any kitschy road trip requires visiting the "World's Largest _______."  Our stop was the World's Largest Rocking Chair in Gulfport, MS.

Mom was so disappointed that she couldn't sit in it.
 A few more random stops were made after that.  Walgreens.  Some random statue of a chicken in a car.  Why was I so excited about that!?  Because it's a a car.  That's why.

This was just a stop at Walgreens.  That's it.

Just a random statue of a chicken in a car in Irvington, AL.  I loved it!

Mom did, too.
We stopped for the evening in Savannah, GA.  I absolutely fell in love with that city.  It's so gorgeous.  I definitely want to plan a trip back where I can actually spend more time there and explore all the awesomeness.
River Street - Savannah, Georgia

Historic steps:  Use at own risk.  We felt like rebels.

Favorite shot of the trip.  Just walking and acting like dorks.  Good times.  By the way, isn't my mom gorgeous?

Yeah.  We're pretty awesome.
Our hotel for the night was probably as kitschy as it gets.  The Thunderbird Inn is a bunch of southern retro goodness and brags to be "The Hippest Hotel in Savannah."  Gotta love a place that greets you with RC Colas and Moonpies on your nightstand.

The next day, we finished the drive to Tybee Island....after Mom stopped to visit her friend, Paula.
Mom & her friend, Paula.
 Lunch was in Thunderbolt, GA at Tubby's Tankhouse.  Not only did I love the name, but the food was good, too.  (I could finally eat!)  It was nice to grab a seat on the upper deck and enjoy the view.

Lunch at Tubby's Tankhouse.
 Then we finally arrived at Tybee Island.  Oh, what a view.  I am a water baby.  I'm certain that I'm meant to live on the beach.

I belong on the beach.

That night we went to dinner at AJ's Dockside.  Unfortunately, a storm hit while we were waiting to be seated.....outside.  Luckily, there was a leaky awning for us to stand under with every other person on the island who was also waiting to be seated.  Bright side?  It started raining after we got under the awning and stopped before we had to walk to the car.  Score!
Waiting at AJ's during the storm.  That guy was trying really hard to be our friend...
 Luckily, the stormy weather ran away and we were able to enjoy the next day at the beach!  Lexy lasted about 10 minutes before retreating to our hotel to watch movies.  Mom and I could have stayed forever.

Gotta support the homeland!  Hook'em Horns!
 Mom and I decided to return to the beach that evening for a nice stroll.  But no.  The storm came back.  *womp, womp*
Quick pick as the storm rolled in.
...and then it was there.  haha
 After two days at Tybee Island, we drove north to Charleston, SC.  Of course, I found pink and gray elephants at a fireworks stand.  Photo op! 


We had to stop and see the Angel Oak on our way as well.  The Angel Oak Tree is a Southern live oak located in Angel Oak Park on Johns Island near Charleston, SC. It is estimated to be at least 400 and as much as 1400-1500 years old.  It was huge!

 The rest of the day was spent in Charleston on the pier and in the market. was hot.  We enjoyed a swing on the pier and some good ol' gelato.  The day took so much out of us, that we stayed in the hotel that night and ordered Japanese takeout.  Sushi and chicken pad thai...ftw!

The Pineapple Fountain at Charleston Harbor

Mom just needed to cool off...

Just a swangin' on the pier.

Mmmm....coconut crème gelato.

In the Charleston Market...because that's a combo that everyone craves.  Right!?
 Myrtle Beach, SC was our next stop.  We spent the day on the boardwalk and I was lucky enough to get to visit with my grade school friend, Carrie.  She just moved to Myrtle Beach a little over a month ago.  It was great to catch up over lunch.

Carrie & I

Mom enjoying the sights on the boardwalk. 

Sounds like my kinda place...

Look who I ran into!  ROLL OUT!
 The next day was spent getting home.  The mister was ready for me to wrap this road trip up and get back to the homeland.  We stopped outside of Birmingham, AL for lunch at the Tip Top Café next to Lover's Leap.  What a view!!

My lunchmates enjoying the view.
No photo collection would be complete without acknowledging the multiple trips to Starbucks that were made.  Every. Day.

It was a great time, but I have to admit that I'm glad to be back home with the mister in my own our house.  Do you guys have any big roadtrips or vacations planned for this summer?  Let me know!  Especially if it includes Texas.  Did someone say meet-up!?


  1. This looks and sounds amazing (aside from the food poisoning :s). Your Mum is clearly a total legend -that photo on the steps is priceless! I don't think we have the world's largest ANYTHING here in the UK; no wonder our roadtrips never seem right. xxx

  2. Thanks! My mom IS definitely a legend! So sad about the lack of obnoxiously large items in the UK. Maybe you'll have to make one! ....or just plan a trip to the US! :)

  3. Your mom is gorgeous! And so are you and your sister! I loved following your roadtrip via Instagram. I'm a big fan of roadside attractions. I'll be in Texas in 2 days! :O