Thursday, February 20, 2014

i'm the kinda girl...

Greetings, friends!  I was over on Allie's blog - Tales of a Twenty Something, and I found out that yesterday's cool thing to do was to talk about yourself.

So, today's topic is:  "I'm the kinda girl who..." thanks to Holly at Hey, Hollywood.
And awaaaay we go....

I'm the kinda girl who...

+ prefers action movies to chick flicks.

+ hates talking on the phone.  Texts are sufficient communication.

+ laughs at myself...constantly.

+ overthinks everything.

+ thinks birthdays are super important...and that they should be celebrated.  I believe in birthday months.

+ lays in my bed in the mornings until the last possible minute.

+ considers myself an optimistic realist.

+ is not camera shy.

+ gives way too many second chances.

+ sings and dances in the car like a star.

+ lives by her calendar and all of its color-coded goodness.

+ loves getting flowers even though I can't will them to live for very long.

+ gets waaaay too much satisfaction from alphabetizing things.

+ wants all the coffee.

+ has a brain full of useless information...especially when it comes to music or pop culture.

+ gets cabin fever...a lot.

+ loves spending time with her husband more than anyone else.

+ has very versatile music tastes.  My collection can have me spittin' mad rhymes one minute and relaxing to smooth jazz the next.

+ thinks that coconut EVERYTHING tastes wonderful.

+ believes that ice cream possesses magical powers.

+ over-analyzes every new social situation after the fact, and determines where my awkward/dorkiness fell on a scale from 1 to 10 (usually hovering around a 6).

+ gets unreasonably excited about buying a new planner....or highlighters.

+ has no problem going cliff-jumping on a whim, but will stand in the store aisle forever while debating which toothbrush to purchase.

+ hates her feet....and probably yours, too.  Feet are gross.

+ loves to make new friends.

 What kinda girl are you? Link up your posts below!


  1. I love buying stationary too, and planners...I have 3 for this year LOL!
    I will have to try to do this!
    ~ Joie Fatale

    1. My use mine as half planner/half journal...I'm obsessed. :)

  2. I love link ups like this b/c just like you i like getting to know others. and i love that you used gifs. i'm using some this week esp tomorrow :D I'm now following you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! New friends are awesome.
      I look forward to checking out your blog....

  3. thanks for the add back. and thanks for stopping by. i look forward to checking more of your blog out. I've missed 5 days so i have lots to catch up on.