Wednesday, February 26, 2014

introducing: the shiny happy!

The time has arrived, folks!

My Spirit Animals.

The Shiny Happy is finally here...and I am a happy, happy girl.  Big props to my friend, Andy Van Engen, for the design & logo.  You, sir, are amazing.

Andy is from Spencer, Iowa and works for F8 Creative.  The man can do it all.  Seriously.  I'm so glad he married my gnomie & twinja - Melissa.  Now, he's stuck being friends with me.  If you're looking for any kind of graphic work at all, check him out...and tell him I sent ya!  Also, take the time to see all the awesomeness that F8 Creative can do for you. Design.  Commercial Video.  Photography.  They can hook you up with something super rad, if you let them. 

Andy definitely helped out a lot with brainstorming the naming and branding of The Shiny Happy. We kind of found inspiration from the combination of REM's "Shiny Happy People" and a Chinese restaurant in Omaha that Andy likes called "3 Happiness Express".  We both love that the name is an article and then two adjectives in a row.  Not even a noun.  I think it fits.

As far as the look goes, Andy incorporated the pixel look which is familiar to us 30-somethings who grew up gaming on an Atari or the original Nintendo.  We remember that 8-bit awesomeness.

Andy found the background from a font called Pixel Freaks by Steven Silverwood.  It includes Boba Fett, people.  How awesome is that!?!??

Now that The Shiny Happy is here, be sure and update your bookmarks and links to!  AND...grab my new handy dandy button! 

Stay tuned for more shiny happiness!


  1. Thanks for the props, Amber! It's always fun to brainstorm & work with people who, like me, are yiping chihuahua's running in circles, excited about everything (& probably eating tacos). I too love the Boba head... almost as much as I love the Mega Man icon. And who doesn't love some Engrish?

    You really do need to get a pair of those rad pixel-frame glasses!

    1. Never has anyone described me so well. :) I will definitely be looking in to those glasses! Thanks again for all your help. You're Iowawesome.

  2. woo! I cant wait to see whatcha do with this new home of yours!

  3. Congrats on the new blog! It looks absolutely great!

  4. It looks great, congrats! I love the 8-bit style :)

  5. Looks brilliant dude! I grabbed a button too!