Wednesday, June 18, 2014

insert clever title here.

Weekends are glorious.

This past weekend was no exception. 

While it wasn't full of relaxation & downtime, I had too much fun.  I mean, how can a weekend not start off right when your boss takes you to play golf on Saturday!?  Right!??

I absolutely love my job.  This past Friday, that love grew exponentially. 
The boss calls for us to leave at noon for lunch and some good ol' times at Top Golf.

Proof:  My boss & I.
That form, though...

After that, dinner with friends.  No pics though.  I suppose we were too busy being awesome. 
Saturday gave me time to clean & organize the casa before I leave for vacation this Saturday. Oh yeah!!!  Saturday night was movie & pizza night with Miss Mattison.  We also made cinnamon roll rabbits.  However, Matti preferred to call the cinnamon roll werewolves.  That's my girl.  Let that geek flag fly!

Sunday morning, we woke up bright and early to celebrate with a Father's Day breakfast.  Even though we always go to breakfast every Sunday morning...I enjoyed this time with my loves.  I'm extremely happy with the life we've made.

Aren't they cute?

After breakfast, we headed to my hometown to have lunch with my daddy-o.  We met up there with my little sis, Laci; her husband, James; my nephew, Colton; my step-bro, Matt & my niece, Giana.

Matti & Giana enjoyed girl time in the pool.

Me & my "seestar".  Blue eyes like our daddy.

Check out that handsome fella. :)

That's my daddy-o!
I can't talk about our visit without acknowledging how cute my nephew, Colton, is.
Matti loves her daddy. The epitome of Father's Day right there.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend & a wonderful Father's Day.
Now, I'm planning for my vacation next week!  Tybee Island, Georgia!!  WOO!!  I'll be roadtrippin' it with my mom & my niece.  Can't wait to share pics of our adventures!!  I plan on stopping along the way in Mississippi, South Carolina and Louisiana.  Who's meeting me for dinner? :)


  1. That last photo is adorable- Matti sounds like a seriously excellent little lady! I really need more cinnamon roll werewolves in my life. xxx

    1. Don't we all!? :) Thanks so much. That girl is a trip. So much sass.

  2. Gorgeous blue eyes in your family. Enjoy your road trip!!