Tuesday, December 10, 2013

coming soon: the shiny happy

It's just about that time, folks!


My new & improved blog, The Shiny Happy, will be launching!  I know that we had a date set for the week of Thanksgiving, but some things came up.  But, can I just say that my friend, Andy Van Engen, is a creative genius!?  True story.  After seeing the work he's done, I can barely contain my excitement.

Apologies for being MIA the last couple of weeks.  The delay on the launch and the holidays have thrown me off my game a little.  Plus, the lack of electricity throughout this Icemageddon we're getting here in south doesn't really help.  We'll get back on track soon.  I promise.

As soon as I know a solid date on the launch, I will let you all know.  
Thanks for hanging around & checking back in!