Monday, December 16, 2013

ho ho ho.

On Saturday, I participated in my third 5K - The First Annual Ho Ho Ho Run in Tyler.  My good friend, K, tagged along with me.  Well...she drove.  Either way, downtown Tyler was filled with more Santas than I had ever seen! 

We picked up our suits at 7:30am and went to McDonald's to change.  First realization?  The suits were super cheap.  My hand went through the crotch before I even got it on my body.  Luckily, I was prepared with other articles of clothing...or it could have gotten pretty interesting (and even colder).  K experienced the same problem and even gained another hole from the seat belt on the ride downtown.  Once more Santas arrived, you could see that we weren't the only lucky ones to experience wardrobe malfunctions.  Nice...
You also gotta love the whole adult one-size-fits all plan.  Yeah, that always work out well.  I'm on my journey to being that "one-size"...that's why I'm at this 5K!  Sheesh!  Thankfully, it fit.  Of course, I was a rebel and chose to be Batman Santa.  It was necessary.  The people needed a hero!

After plenty of photo opportunities, we were lining up.  K was bright enough to bring gloves.  I, however, did not.  I'm not really sure that I actually even own gloves.  I'm a Texan for goodness sake!  One man made it a point to share force his hand warmers into my frozen paws.  He was very adamant about the point that K and I took a nice, little stroll to put some distance in between us.  Ok, sir!  I'll take them!   
Aside from our poorly constructed Santa suits, we had a blast.  5K number 3 is in the books.  My 35 Before 35 goal (#12) is coming along nicely! The wind and rain could not stop Batman Santa!  Or maybe it was "Batmanta"....

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