Wednesday, October 16, 2013

amber's army of awesome.

When I worked for a newspaper while living in California, my friend Dan made me the coolest thing for my desk.  

A stand-up paper doll of Mr. T. 
He looked just like this. (

This was the most awesome thing that I had ever seen.  And it was mine!
It was then that I began crafting and creating what I affectionately called, my "Army of Awesome."  They are the defenders of the desk.  The warriors of the work station.  Everyone should have one.  

Just think, if you could form an army with any fictional character, person or animal, who would defend your, desk?  It doesn't matter whether they have super strength or are primarily armed with a sharp tongue.  You can choose anyone you want.  That's the beauty.

For inspiration, I present to you:

Amber's Army of Awesome Top 20

1.  Chuck Norris.
How anyone can have an army without recruiting THE Chuck Norris, is beyond me.  He's invincible.  True story, bro.

2.  Han Solo.
 Why?  He always shoots first.

3.  Wonder Woman.
In a world of ordinary mortals, she is a Wonder Woman...with her indestructible, golden lasso of truth! 

4.  Katniss Everdeen.
She's tough.  She's smart. She's brave.  She hunts AND she's a pretty mean archer.

5.  Bruce Lee.
The man brought martial arts to mainstream western cinema.  Not good enough?  Four words:  The. One. Inch. Punch.

6.  Nacho Libre.
What he lacks in skill, he makes up with heart and determination.
7.  Batman.
 He is 1/3 of my "Holy Trinity of Superheroes."  I'll have to expand on that at another time.

8.  Iron Man.
 Another member of the "Holy Trinity of Superheroes."  I have to admit that a lot of my obsession comes from Robert Downey, Jr.'s portrayal of Tony Stark.  Yum!  Plus, he can shoot fireballs out of his there's that.

9.  Megan (Bridesmaids)
 I believe that Megan would take a bullet for me.  I just know she would.

10. Louise Belcher.

 Louise is adventurous, sarcastic & spunky.  Her words alone are weapons.

11.  Rebel Wilson
I'm honestly not sure why, but I feel like she would beat the junk out of anyone that messed with her. 

12.  R2-D2.
You always need a good support team.  He's mine.  I love him.

13.  Yoda
 One of the most renowned and powerful Jedi Masters in galactic history.  Enough said.

14.  Hit Girl 

A young but effective vigilante.  Hardened.  Sarcastic.  Well-versed in blades & guns.
15.  Mr. T

A "no excuses" straight-shooter equipped with mad wrestling skills and the look of intimidation.  Plus, he rocks a Mohawk.

16. John McClane

A wisecracking, no-nonsense New York cop with an itchy trigger finger and a never-say-die maverick spirit…who resembles my husband.

17. Percy Jackson

A half-blood with the powers and might of the Greek gods behind him?  Couldn't hurt.

18. Optimus Prime

A brave & powerful leader with a strong sense of justice and righteousness. That, and he's  a truck.

19. Beatrix Kiddo

Kung Fu master/killing machine equipped with the “Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.”  Boom.

20. Tony Montana 

Hey, everybody needs a "bad guy."

So, who would make up YOUR "Army of Awesome?"  Any changes I should make?  Leave me a comment or post your own blog and let me know!  

I'm always looking for more recruits...


  1. All of your picks are kick ass! I have to say, though, I love that you threw Louise Belcher into the mix (I literally went, "omg YES"). Great post - it's definitely got the wheels in my head turning!

    1. Hey! Thanks so much! Yes, Louise is a must! I love her! I look forward to reading your list!