Sunday, October 27, 2013

the soup.

The Soup includes a mixture of all the lovely things that made me *squee* this week! It’s got my favorite geek news, social media posts, and anything other delicious thing that makes me happy. 
So, awaaay we go! 

  • Geek Newsy Things: A Potato Tribute to Wonder Woman and WB's Greg Silverman Skirts Around Wonder Woman Rumors at The Mary Sue   
  • Favorite Facebook Post: 
    (via The Dork Side)
  • Favorite Tweet: "I am the uneven drawstring on the hoodie of life." - @grantmeawishh
  • Favorite Pin: 
  • Favorite Song:  "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood
  • Favorite Blog Post:  "Why Edward Scissorhands and I Would Be Best Friends"
  • Something I Learned: In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to use milk crates for anything besides milk.  The unauthorized use of milk cases can induce a fine of $300 or imprisonment for up to 90 days.  (There must be a lot of Pinterest users weighing the pros and cons on this one. haha.)
  • Wants of the Week: 

    Super awesome superhero hoodies by thelittlestbatI love this BatGirl hoodie! 

    I pretty much want every Funko Pop toy ever made, but I'm really digging the ninja turtles!  
    They would look awesome on my desk at work!
    If it were possible for coffee to be more magical, it would definitely be more magical 
    if it came from this squee-worthy unicorn mug from LennyMud.
 This seriously made me squee out loud...

What are some things that made you squee this week?  Hit me up or share in the comments.

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