Wednesday, October 2, 2013

the niche: who am I?

The amazing Leslie of LeslieIRL posted an awesome list of questions for writers to find their niche.  What a perfect way for me to introduce myself to you and do a little self-discovery at the same time!  Thanks, Leslie!  You get 20 brilliance points for this one!  
And awaaaay we go.....  

1. What is one of your favorite words, that you have never heard any one else that you know of describe themselves as?
Peachy.  I know other people say it, but it's my favorite "how are you?" response.  It makes me happy.

2. If someone was to search for your blog in Google, and you could rank on the first page for 5 keywords, what would they be?
Geekery.  Random.  Awesome.  Unicorns. Happiness. 

3. What is your favorite adjective? Especially one to describe the way a person is.
Awesome.  I know i use it too much.  It's not original....I just love it.
(Google images)

4. Think of your favorite movie character, comic book character, or cartoon character, that you self-identity with. What are a couple of words you would use to describe their personality? What color would you describe them as?
I absolutely love Wonder Woman.  She is super-awesome, fiery and brave.  She does what she wants.  Her color is definitely red.

5. What color are you?
I am yellow.  Happy & bright, yet not everyone's favorite. haha.  

6. What are you the most knowledgeable about? What would other people say you are the most knowledgeable about? When is the last time you went on a really good rant about something?
Music & useless pop culture information.  Other people would probably say music.  My brain is full of music trivia and info.  It's my "thang."  It's been a while since I had a really good rant.... I think I'm due.  

7. If you had to design a business card right now, and could only have 3 words on it, what would those words be?
Awesome. Random. Geekery.  

8. Your blog is a food. What food is it and why?
Ice cream.  It makes everyone a little happier.  Even if you're lactose intolerant, you still want it.  

9. If you could plan a photo shoot for your professional head shot, what would you be wearing? What piece of clothing, jewelry, or accessory would you wear that screams you?
Wonder Woman t-shirt. Sunglasses. Toms.   

10. If you could collaborate with any blogger, artist, or person, who would it be, and what would you bring to their table? friend, Andy Van Engen, is a pretty sweet graphic designer.  I would provide never-ending kazoo solos & piles of easy mac to work with that guy to create something awesome.  Also, to work musically with the guys from Knox Hamilton.  Oh yeah.  

11. Pick a tagline for yourself. Or a few. 10 words total, for your identity, and niche.
Mayor of Awesometown. Unicorn tamer. & just plain rowdy. 

12. If you could copyright one item, food, object, or animal, and when people see it they would think of you, what would it be? It will help if this object is not already associated with someone else.
Unicorns!  Oh, I love unicorns.


13. Your blog is an animal. What animal is it, and why?
Umm....a unicorn. Unicorns are the rare epitome of awesomeness. 

14. You have to pick 2 emotions that your blog will make people feel. What are they?
Happy & connected. 

15. Someone who reads your blog writes you an email, expressing that your blog caused them to do something, or feel something, or think about something, or try to make something, and it makes you so happy to know this. What did it cause them to do?
I love, love, LOVE when I get these emails.  I especially love it when I encourage people to be comfortable with who they are and actually begin to love themselves.  Most of all, I want people to laugh, be happy and enjoy life. 

16. What’s your favorite mythical creature, and why?
Well, of course....a unicorn. Second place would have to go to zombies.  Oooh...or maybe the Phoenix!  

17. Your blog is referred to someone that you admire by a friend. They use these 2 words to describe your niche.
Humorous Geekery.  

18. You can only use one social network to promote your blog, forever. Which one do you choose and why?
Twitter.  It's just superior.  

19. You would love it if this store posted your blog’s business cards on their front counter.
ThinkGeek headquarters. :)  

20. If you had to pull an Emma, and take a photo of yourself looking down from your chin of your feet and the ground, where would you choose to be standing, what would you choose to wear, and why?
Wearing Toms by the lake.  I love to be near the water...and Toms don't leave my feet.

Not MY Toms....but you get the idea.  (Google)

21. What are you most passionate about? What would other people perceive you as being most passionate about? Are these things different?
Music/photography & volunteering for American Cancer Society's Relay For Life.  I have been involved in Relay for 8 years now.  You can help out by making a donation towards my goal! 

22. You have to choose a celebrity to do a poetic reading of your favorite blog post, with the perfect voice. Who is it?
Steve Carell.  I love that man.


23. What image on someone else’s blog have you seen that you love?
LeslieIRL's "Word To Your Unicorn" image. LOVE!  

24. You can only blog from one location for the rest of your life. Where is it?
My couch.  It's oh, so comfy & near the family.  Unless there comes a day in the near future that the mister and I buy a new house with my very own office!  Oh, joy! 

25. You walk into the Internet cafeteria. You see tables with every blogger ever. You sit down at the table with these 5 bloggers.
Cory Copeland. Cassi Clerget. Maggie Creamer from sometimes you need that.  Lauren Nelson from the urban hippie. Steph Cortes from nerd JERK.  

26. You have to decorate your online bedroom. What is the pattern on your bedspread? What poster is above your bed? And what CD is in the CD player?
Yay!  The bedspread is black with the Wonder Woman logo.  The poster above my head is of Mr. T riding a unicornThe CD is playing "Camilo (The Magician)" by Said The Whale.

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