Wednesday, October 23, 2013

getting to know me: the sanguine.

It's very questionable......why I am who I am.

I'm the typical "sanguine", I suppose. Apt to procrastinate whenever the opportunity arises.
To those of you who were never forced to take the highly-popular "Four Personalities Test", let me explain.

There are four personality types: 1) Choleric, 2) Melancholy, 3) Phlegmatic, and 4) Sanguine. I am INCREDIBLY Sanguine according to this test. By leaps and bounds. I have just a smidge of Melancholy mixed in for good measure.

Sanguine is known as (surprise) the Extrovert, (another surprise) the Talker, and the Optimist. Some of the Sanguine strengths mentioned include:

Appealing personality, talkative, life of the party, good sense of humor, demonstrative, enthusiastic and expressive, cheerful, makes friends easily, loves people, prevents dull moments, and likes spontaneous activities.

So far so good. If it's possible for one to know the REAL me, this would be it. Scary. Of course, I'm not just one little positive super-human running around. Of course, I have those sanguine weaknesses as well. How true.

The weaknesses include: compulsive talker (who me?), exaggerates, too happy for some, has restless energy (amen), has loud voice and laugh, gets angry easily, never grows up, undisciplined, easily distracted (that's the adult ADHD!), hates to be alone, doesn't follow through.

While my Sanquine-esque ways practically rule the roost in my little brain, the Melancholy tendencies arise. Melancholy strengths include: talented and creative, artistic and musical, sensitive, self-sacrificing, sets high standards, schedule-oriented, perfectionist (OCD), orderly and organized.

Funny. I think I may contradict myself. Sanguine/Melancholy is pretty much the equivalent to being ADHD/OCD....or a "spontaneous planner".....a schedule-oriented organized person who lacks discipline. How does that work??

Oh well. That's me....according to a test. I must admit, it is pretty accurate.

Now excuse me, I have plans to do something totally unplanned.

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