Friday, October 11, 2013

five senses friday #2.

Five Senses Friday is were I reflect on the last week through the senses.  This week has been quite the whirlwind.  Whew!  I am so happy that Friday is finally here!  
Here are some things from my world lately.  


A dirty chai from my favorite barist-o -- my nephew, Aaron.

Awesome cups of coffee in my Wonder Woman mug and too much Diet Coke.  I did so well for a while by just sticking to water, tea & coffee.  Now, the Diet Coke beast is back.  No bueno.  I'm also missing my Dirty Chai from CJ's in Denison...


from House of Hepworths

Slightly stressed from work.  Excited about one of my favorite weekends of the year -- Texas/OU weekend!  Hook'em Horns!!  I'm a bit intense about my Longhorns.  Disappointed that I won't be at the State Fair on game day tomorrow.  Hopeful that something magical happens and we pull off a win. (We're not looking so hot this season). Anticipation for the cool, fall weather!  Texas needs to cool off!  In love with the mister.  He's truly amazing.


Jax and his cute little face!  Ugh.  Through puppy training frustrations, he can still make me melt with that mug of his.  Punk.  
The mister and I also watched "The Purge."  I thought the concept was pretty cool.  He wanted to see more of the concept carried out beyond the walls of the home.  Either way, we both liked it.


"Best Day of My Life" by American Authors.  This is my "convince myself that this day won't kill me" song.  While I may start off listening to it in the mornings with a scowl on my face, it eventually grows on me.

Also, my father-in-law serenading the mister and I with his new guitar when we pulled into his driveway.  
Drive-in Acoustic Serenade courtesy of THE Tommy Henry.


Ahh.  The smell of deer corn and diesel fuel while setting traps.  (Yes, we're true Texans).  Fresh, cool air while driving through the pasture.  The first day that I needed a hoodie.  Unfortunately, also the last day.  C'mon FALL! 

What were some of your experiences this week?  Feel free to play along in the comments, find me online or post your own blog!



  1. Yay for drinking lots of coffee and out of such a cute mug. :)

    1. A Wonder Woman mug makes everything taste better! :)

  2. Love the mug. :) Spent the weekend in North Carolina for a wedding. Did the guests and family all scurry around before the wedding doing last minute prep and getting gussied up? HECK NO! We descended upon the hotel lobby, brought out the beer and BBQ, and turned the UT/OU game up loud! Glad you had a great week. Found you through Texas Women Bloggers. ~ Pary Moppins

    1. Haha. That's awesome. I had a wedding on Saturday, as well. We are a smart family and it started at 7pm so we could all go to/watch the game. :)