Wednesday, November 13, 2013

dream a little dream.

Everyone at one time or another has dreamed.  I'm not talking about goals or wishes, but literal dreams as they sleep.

I often hear stories of crazy dreams that people have had in the middle of the night.  (Most of those stories come from my husband.  He has some of the oddest dreams.)

I've had my share of nightmares, but I don't really dream often.  If I do, I seldom remember what it was.  However, when I do, they are the most random yet realistic dreams ever.

I've always longed to have these amazing dreams that turn into great stories for all to hear.  Why?  I'm not so sure.  I'd at least like to remember what I do dream or have "normal" dreams, so as to have something to offer when others divulge their humorous stories.


Strangely enough, my last dream consisted of me driving around in a convertible with Roger Clemens.
I mean, what in the world?  I'm not even a Yankees fan! He DID graduate from the University of Texas, which might explain the admiration...but I digress.

I only recall one other dream that I have experienced.

The first happened while I was in high school.  I dreamed that two of the coaches (Coach Youngblood and Coach Jackson) were in a monster truck rally.  No plot.  Apparently I repeatedly watched them make high-speed laps and drive over crumpled cars.  How exciting.

Besides that, all I ever get is the infamous "I'm falling" sensation where I flail and jerk like a fish out of water, waking up the mister.

The funny thing, is I take pride in my creativity.  One would think that I would have extravagant dreams which require the utmost imagination.  Instead, I'm blank.

I hoping that I'm just a really deep sleeper at these times and fail to remember what I've dreamed the night before.  Otherwise I might just have to question my creative abilities...

Have you had any crazy dreams?  Let me know in the comments.



  1. I remember my dreams often, but only snippets of them. It's really funny. Throughout the day, I'll remember something that happened in the dream and say "omg, I dreamed the weirdest thing last night! *insert crazy excerpt from dream here*" to whoever is near. They'll ask "What happened next!?!?" and of course...I can't remember. I used to keep a dream journal next to my bed and wrote in it as soon as I woke up. It helped with remembering the dreams. Perhaps I should bring that back!

    1. You do a lot better than I do. Maybe I should try the dream journal...