Friday, November 8, 2013

five senses friday #6.

Five Senses Friday is were I reflect on the last week through the senses.  So many fun things transpired this week.  I actually had to narrow down the awesomeness.  Imagine that!
So, here we go!



My new Chicken Taco Melt recipe.  I was throwin' down in the kitchen, thanks to the mighty Pinterest.  The new recipe needs a little tweaking for added flavor, but they were still yummy!


Excited that the house shopping has finally begun!  The mister and I went to look at a couple of houses this week.  I can't wait to find THE one and start moving in!
Amused by the mister's dorkiness.  Somehow my phone was out of my hand long enough for me to forget it at home one day.  This is what I found when he brought it to me at work:

Please humor him and take notice of his illustrious "winter man-beard."



So many people and so many cool things at the Canton Trades Days!  My little sis and I had a great time people-watching and spending our money.

I honestly considered buying this VW trunk to hang on the wall.
Cool stuff...but not sure how many waves one can catch in East Texas.

I LOVED these guys!

JACKPOT!  I'm always down to add another vintage camera to my collection.

Super awesome vintage metal lunchboxes are ALWAYS tempting!!!


That FACE, though!

Doggy snores from Mr. Jax.  I promise, this guy can snore with his eyes open.  I can't imagine how bad this will be when he's 80 or 90 pounds!  Oy!


Finally getting to wear my favorite purple scarf!
Cold air & firewood burning.  The cool weather has finally come to Texas and I get to wear boots and scarves!  Hooray! All is right in the world.

What were some of your experiences this week?  Feel free to play along in the comments, find me online or post your own blog!


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