Saturday, November 9, 2013

the soup.

The Soup includes a mixture of all the lovely things that made me *squee* this week! It’s got my favorite geek news, social media posts, and anything other delicious thing that makes me happy. 
So, awaaay we go! 

  • Geek Newsy Things:  Thor’s Jaimie Alexander Fans The Flames Of Rumorville By Talking About Warner Bros. Superhero Films & Wonder Woman at The Mary Sue and "Star Wars: Episode VII" Gets An Official Release Date at Nerd Approved. 
  • Favorite Facebook/Instragram Post:  I'm thankful that my friend, Sophia, sent me a virtual Starbucks red cup cheers from California.  I can't say that I was thankful for her song choice -- "Friday" by Rebecca Black.  Ugh, earworm.

  • Favorite Tweet: "Shout out to @theradwagon!  One of the few RL people that can handle me on twitter." -- @jayosy (My friend, Joss, in California)  <--- She's pretty awesome by the way, which deserves a follow in my opinion.
  • Favorite Pin:
  • Favorite Song: "Miss Jackson" by Panic! At The Disco
  • Favorite Blog Post:  "The Littlest Turtle" at Daddy's Little Prop.  So. Much. Cute.
  • Something I Learned:  One of the most popular marching songs for the Russian Military is the Spongebob Squarepants theme song.
  • Wants of the Week: 
    LOVE this GameBoy Coffee Mug from This Is Why I'm BrokeI think that seeing the "Game Over" at the end would make me even more distraught about having no coffee.
    My, oh my!  So much want for this Michael Kors bag.  Ugh.  Give me your money!
    Seriously!  The cold weather is here and I live with Mr. Polar Bear.  I would rock one of these Star Wars Onesies in a heartbeat!

    As a proud girl with a gun, I love these target posters!  These are even better than the zombie targets that have been around.  I might need to order some and go warm up my Glock! 

    What are some things that made you squee this week?  Hit me up or share in the comments.


  1. Love the game over mug. It would make me want to drink more coffee so it might be a bit dangerous for me.

    1. Every mug makes me want to drink more coffee. haha. Of course, this one seems to be challenging me.