Saturday, November 2, 2013

the soup.

The Soup includes a mixture of all the lovely things that made me *squee* this week! It’s got my favorite geek news, social media posts, and anything other delicious thing that makes me happy. 
So, awaaay we go! 

  • Geek Newsy Things: 53 Things Only '80's Girls Can Understand at BuzzFeed (I seriously identify with them all!)  and Star Wars Bloopers From A Long Time Ago...The 70's at The Mary Sue.   
  • Favorite Facebook/Instragram Post:  Mr. T always wins.  Hands down.
    via @dogsofinstagram
  • Favorite Tweet: Of course, a Halloween post would be appropriate.  My friend, Weston, is winning at life.  Love this!  -- "Are you Zelda?" -- +Weston Cantrell 

  • Favorite Pin: 
    My sister and I watched this movie more times than I can count.  This little David Bowie is just awesome.

  • Favorite Song:  "This Head I Hold" by Electric Guest
  • Favorite Blog Post:  Worthy of the Week at by Corrin at oh hey, what's up?  I always love this series of posts, but this one was full of awesome.
  • Something I Learned: No one knows who invented the fire hydrant, because its patent was burned in a fire.
  • Wants of the Week: 
    Kawaii Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stationary Set from Word To Your Unicorn. 
    Only You Can Prevent the Zombie Apocolypse Tee from thinkgeek.

    Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens System from thinkgeek.
    What are some things that made you squee this week?  Hit me up or share in the comments.

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