Wednesday, November 20, 2013

color runnin'.

I don't call myself a runner.  I am not a runner.  Does that mean I don't enjoy a good 5K!?  No, it does not!  
I AM an aspiring runner.  One day I will run and not want to die.  See #27 on my 35 Before 35.

This weekend, I took off to Dallas with my mom and two of my friends for some 5K fun!
Of course, who has the energy to run the next day if they don't partake in some amazing Mongolian food the night before? hehe.

I was the Mongolian food veteran.  YUM!

 We got back to the hotel early since we were planning on taking the DART rail to Fair Park...and that meant getting up at 5am!  That's OK though, we were geeked!

Game faces....activated!
Starbucks is always a good way to live.
The DART ride was successful and gave us time to enjoy our coffee from Starbucks.  Oh, how I love Starbucks.
We arrived at the starting line early and had time to roam around and take some pics.  Aaaaaand...I got to meet the Runicorn!!  The Color Run's unicorn mascot.  Life. Made.
White girls CAN jump.  #proof

Life. Made.  I want a unicorn.

Let's do this!
Nothing says super rad like sporting my "Happy" neck tattoo.

This was my second Color Run and it was just as much fun as the first!  We didn't let the whole "5K" aspect stop us from mid-run photo ops...

Me & the mom.  She's awesome.
It seemed like we sailed through this run faster than last time.  Before we knew it, we were at the finish line enjoying the amazing Color Run after party. 

Notice that I was the only one to MAKE her own shirt?  Oh yeah.  I'm SUPER RAD!
My before & after shot.

The posse...before & after.
Of course...

After the after party fun, this was the result.

Post after party photo op. Headed to the DART station to call it a day.

 The next Color Run in Dallas will be April 12th.  Who's gonna join me?